A Day in the “Parc”!!!!

All I can say is I am still tired. Seriously!

So the plan for these next two days is just doing local activities in the town of Cachan where my girl friend N’diaye resides with her two boys, Jibril and Noe.

Francois Rabelais

I met N’diaye many years ago during my study abroad and we became fast friends. I wanted to improve my French. She knew a great deal of English and she was willing to help me with my assignments. The following year,  she came to New Brunswick to visit me at Rutgers. From then on, we always managed to visit each other until we had  children, when the visits became less frequent.  The last time I visited her in France was  2004, and her last visit to the US was 2005 for my wedding. Back when we were studying at François Rabelais University in Tours and our friendship did not yet span two continents, N’diaye and I made a pact that when we were both blessed with children, we would find a way to bring them together.

Jibril and Noe happen to be the same ages as my children. They visited us last summer in NJ. So this summer, we’re spending a bit of time with them. Jordan and Alex have no choice but to speak French. Otherwise, they will not be able to communicate with their friends here. Their language skills were put to the test in the park today, but luckily fun, with children, is the same in every language.

Enjoy some pictures at Le Parc Départemental Raspail, Cachan!!!!!!!

France ParkIMG_5704 IMG_5651 IMG_5678 IMG_5674 IMG_5624 IMG_5696 IMG_5621

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  1. Carol P. says:

    Now I know they speak French because I heard those 2 fantastic children at gymnastics……I miss you all…..Carol

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