Bioparco Zoo……..

I was up all night (Thursday) packing for our next move to Barcelona (I’m not done). I finally closed my eyes around 5:50 a.m Friday, only to wake up at 9 am to get children ready for the zoo. As usual, I was very tired. But who goes on vacation to sleep? Today was the children’s day. They’ve been looking forward to the zoo all week. So we had to go. I didn’t mind. I love to see them get excited about things. Ohhhh Boy, did they ever have a good time!!!!! Bioparco Zoo was awesome. It had more than 1000 animals to keep all of our interests. The zoo was not crowded at all, surprisingly. They were able to explore at their leisure. They wanted to touch and see everything. You know they had to chase peacocks, ducks, chicken, butterflies etc…….. Of course we had pizza and ice cream for lunch.  We took a ride on a four wheeled bike from zoo to metro (about 15 minutes). The children were ecstatic. Janel could not stop smiling. She kept saying, “This is really cool!” “Wow!” The bike was just an unexpected surprise. The walk from the zoo to metro was going to be over 50 minutes with three tired children. Christopher and I were tired as well. Between the two of us, we would have to carry the little ones most of the way. So the bike passed by right on time. As parents, you then try to act as if that was the plan all along… NOT!! Today was simply marvelous…..easy ! We still had to have dinner and I needed to organize for our departure.  I tried my hardest to get children in bed by 10:30 p.m. We were flying out to Barcelona the next morning (Saturday).

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0 thoughts on “Bioparco Zoo……..

  1. Marie D\'A says:

    W O W!!! What a beautiful Zoo!
    First, I must comment on how gorgeous you all look. My favorite little Chapman\’s look like models. Jordan\’s hair is getting so light.
    I love the picture of them holding the butterflies. The butterflies are so pretty. I love butterflies, myself. Jordan surely enjoyed the Insect Display.
    The giraffes, oh my gosh, they are so cute.
    Jordan and Alex, look like they had a spectacular time.
    Francesse, Eyewitness News reported the heat wave in Italy, last night. I saw the same beautiful umbrella\’s the Chapman\’s have
    been walking around with.
    They showed people at the Fountain, wetting their necks from the Fountain. So, you see Jordan was a good listener, and didn\’t touch the water!
    I admire Chris and you, you are such marvelous parents. You are an inspiration to all of us. I love the way you teach them, reach them
    and have tons of fun, whatever you\’re doing AND they don\’t even realize what\’s really going on!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us. I look forward to more wonderful stories. God Bless

  2. Carol P. says:

    That looks like the best zoo in the world! Even though your pace is fast moving you all are looking great and happy!!!! Can\’t figure out with no sleep how you find time to post all of this. Francesse, you constantly outdo yourself! Am missing all of you. Love to all, Carol

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