Homeward Bound……

The Last Hour….

Time to go home! We were leaving Vermont and heading for more snow in NJ. I can deal with that. After a scrumptious breakfast (Christopher cooked), Val took Jordan and Eddie to snowboard one more time. Thank you Val! You know I was done with the snow and the cold. Actually it was 11 degrees. Much better right…..lol! We would not drive in the dead of the night.  I packed while the children played dominoes and had fun.

All in all, the children had a fantastic time. The adults did as well. We enjoyed being together.

A special Thank you goes out to Joyce and Diego Visceglia for sharing their beautiful winter home with us. The two of you are simply the best!!

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Snowmobiles Tours……..-30

Yes, we are going BACK outside!!!

We went back to the house shortly after being out in that dreadful windy freezing cold. Jordan and Alex had to finish their homework anyway. Their teachers do not give homework on the weekends, but we do! Did I forget to mention that Maddie (Alexandra’s Baby) came on the trip as well? Maddie never stays home.

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If I thought it was cold in the morning, just wait until that evening. Did I make you understand how much I did not want to go back outside, not even for a half a second. So by 3:30 pm, we returned all rentals. I’m sorry….Christopher returned everything. I was only going back out when I had to. Val and I got the children ready. Once again, they were so excited. They knew SNOWMOBILE RIDES were coming. Finally it was happening. It didn’t matter how cold it was. Let’s go!!!!! Thank goodness for summer, heat, the beach, the pool, ice cream …..I digress.

My children and I gained so much weight in these past few days. We added more and more layers to fight off the cold. I could barely move. The cold and I just don’t mix. We have a strange relationship. No, I’m not moving to a warmer climate. I like New Jersey. I’m ok with NJ’s weather. I just can’t function elsewhere. Jordan loves the cold. Sometimes, I have to wonder if he’s my child. No kidding! 4:30 pm, we arrived at Stratton Snowmobile & ATV Tours at Stratton Mountain Resort . The children were bouncing out of their seats. The adults went first. One hour and 10 minutes going up the mountain on snowmobiles with the wind whipping us around like ragdolls. With all that said, it was not so bad.

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