Beautiful day for the BEACH! Monday was made for the beach. We keep trying to get out in the early morning. We’re still working on that. By the time they do a bit of homework; Christopher works a little; I get them dressed and fed; we figure out our best route to the activity; I fuss at the younger children (you know they’re getting into things…i.e. jumping on the bed, toys everywhere), it is nearly 1 p.m. The good news is, we make it happen. We do eventually make it out. Once we do… and adventure, here we come!!!!!

We took a cab to NOVA ICÀRIA beach. Beautiful day!!!! You should have seen the sky. Not a cloud to be seen! It was not too hot, just perfect. We even had a bit of breeze blowing our way every so often. We spend a splendid afternoon simply relaxing. I watched the children play. We met a wonderful family from London. They were so charming that we had to exchange numbers. Janel found that she had a lot in common with Brenda’s 18-year-old daughter, Tasha. They’ve been communicating ever since. I took most of the pictures this time. So far the friends and family members who wanted to see Christopher, he is in the water with the children. You will probably not see him again. As stated previously, Christopher likes to be behind the camera.

We were at the beach until 7 p.m. My son did not want to come home as usual. If it were up to him, he’d live inches from the beach. He would simple fall out of bed and into the ocean. I don’t mind visiting once in a while. We went home to quickly change and go to dinner. The children have no bedtime at all. It will be incredibly hard to restore order and habit come September first. No crises with dinner tonight. We did not order pizza (but he had fries and chicken with absolutely no sauce……just plain chicken).

I’m having some technical difficulties uploading pictures currently. I will post them as soon as Janel and I correct the problem. They are worth seeing.

Problem is fixed

See pictures below:

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0 thoughts on “FUN AND SUN AT THE BEACH……….

  1. Marie D\'A says:

    Fun in the sun at the beach, sounds incredibly amazing and relaxing. I\’m glad the children are having fun, I knew they would. You see, Jordan surprised you with the plain chicken! I wouldn\’t worry too much about restoring order, routine and habit for September…just enjoy your vacation…when it\’s time to get back into a routine, it\’ll happen.
    It\’s summer, they are young, just enjoy every second and have the time of your lives! I loved summer when my children were young and they were all off their routines. I long to have those days back now, but those days now make up my sweetest and wonderful memories!

    Francesse God Bless You for everything you do! I admire you for all the time and Full-Time Work you do with and for your Family! You are an inspiration.
    And you have tons and tons of energy!
    God Bless You All!

  2. georgettegavioli says:

    Francesse, I\’ll say it again…you should be an author! what a great writer you are. I feel each of the events you describe. Love to all.
    grandma georgette

  3. Anonymous says:

    Francesse, what a wonderful blog and I absolutely agree, you are very talented and would make a great writer.

    It was so lovely to meet your beautiful family, such a warm family. Sorry we didnt get to meet in Barcelona after that. We are pretty slow when in holiday mode and started our days off pretty late, packing it all in and ending quite late 🙂 We do however hope that we will stay in touch and see each other again, either in London or the US.

    We are now in the south of Spain, Marbella and taking it very easy. We got here yesterday and Emiel and the girls started off the day with a splash in the pool downstairs. We absolutely loved Barcelona and thanks for the tip about the magic fountain, we really enjoyed it!!

    You probably gathered that I am a Facebook addict 🙂 We are enjoying following your adventures there and on the blog too.

    Hope you are enjoying London. Have a great rest of the holiday and do keep in touch.

    Warmest Thoughts

    Brenda Emiel Tasha and Mia

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