Let The Adventure Begin…….

Easier said than done…..

You would think after doing this for so many years, that I would have the routine down by now. Nope! The process is never dull from beginning to end. I absolutely love our adventures over the years. Honestly, it is totally worth all of the sleepless nights of packing. The sheer joy on my children’s faces is priceless. So, please come along for the ride…….

The Chapmans’ adventure this year is taking us to different regions of Switzerland…. for the moment. Every summer, we try to explore with Jordan and Alexandra some different fascinating part of the world. We consider this a big of part of their education. They need to know and understand how they fit in this great big world. Fortunately, the little people enjoy traveling just as much as we do.

The planning for the family vacation usually starts in September. The children tell us where they would like to go and why. All of their ideas are listened to. But then, we explain why we can’t go here or there. This year, Jordan wanted to go to Australia. Alexandra had her heart set on Argentina to go visit her Uncle Pollo and Auntie Val. Both wanted to end up in France with their cousins Jibril and Noe. So, the compromise was Switzerland. They pretty much dictate where the next adventure will take us. Of course, Christopher & I will always have the final say because wherever we go, safety is a big concern.

They know that we usually leave the last days of July or the beginning of August. As the days get closer to our departure,  the children become more excited. I don’t have to tell how much work goes into planning vacations with little people. I was exhausted just thinking about it. I have to tell you, I still have not mastered the ‘art of packing light’. It’s a work in progress. Seriously!!!!


Today is the day. Yeah!!! Both children are literally bouncing off of the walls. They are so hyper and excited. 7 pm can’t come fast enough to go to the airport. We decided to let Alexandra go to cheerleading practice. She Which would have ended at They/we love to fly. Since the fly to Zurich is eight hours long, we tend to fly at night to go. They play for a while. Then it is lights out for everybody but me. I can’t sleep. I’m too nosey. You know I just spent the past 36 hours packing, organizing and cleaning. I’m now functioning purely on adrenaline.

2 thoughts on “Let The Adventure Begin…….

  1. Marie D\'Amato-Gutstein says:

    Francesse, I am so excited to read all your beautiful posts. You write so well.
    Enjoy your vacation. Make many memories with your children and Chris.
    Stay safe. Happy travels. Love you all. Xo

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