London, Here We Come…….

Long Day of Travel…..  08/02/13

We were out of house by 9 a.m. The children still had bags under their eyes even though we had a later start then usual. Our flight was at 11 a.m., but was delayed for over an hour. My children and other children were confined to the aircraft. Lucky for me, I never travel empty handed. Between Ipads, coloring books, DVDs,  we were covered. They were kept busy. I was even able to close my eyes for a minute. We were finally on the way to London. Children were so excited. They couldn’t contain themselves, “Are we there yet?” Where is Jibril and Noe?” It was the first time that we  had to go through (grueling) costume. The line was 45 minutes long. We were not allowed to take pictures. That seemed a bit odd to me.  Somebody finally asked who Janel was. Why was she with us. Did we have papers for her. We had to provide legal documents for her or else. Thankfully we were prepared for anything. After countless questions, we were free to go and enjoy the city of London. Well not quite……

Originally, I booked our flight with British Airways arriving in London City Airport. We were only 20 minutes from the rental house. Weeks later, they changed the airport to Heathrow. Now we were two hours away. There was nothing I could do at this point. So we had to endure driving across London in serious traffic. As luck would have it, the children slept most of the way. Now, let’s talk about my impression of London. I’ve been here before. N’diaye worked in London years ago and I came to visit her for a month. We visited many sights and just had fun being young and carefree. Somehow, I forgot everything about London especially the weather. I was truly not prepared for temps in the 60’s with cool wind; don’t forget rain. I was looking for my jacket as soon as I stepped outside. It has gotten colder everyday.

Although it was a breezy afternoon, the sun was shining. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue. I was feeling grateful to be given the opportunity to have this awesome adventure and experience. Just the morning I woke up in Barcelona; tonight I will be sleeping in London. I was living one of my dreams. As young 6, I always envisioned traveling everywhere. I had no idea where “everywhere” was at the time, but I longed to get on one of the airplanes flying in the sky everyday. To actually get to travel around the world as an adult with my children is an amazing feeling!!!! I cannot even begin to explain the magnitude of that feeling.

So back to London:  I was too tired to take pictures along the way. But I did admire the red doubledecker buses. I always liked them. No they are not “tour buses” Those are London’s everyday travel buses. I couldn’t wait to get on one or two. We finally arrived at the house.  Did I mention that my friend N’diaye and family were meeting us in London? Yes! I rented a big house in Greenwich for all us. We were spending the 8 days together (among us, there were four children under seven and two teenagers…..MADNESS). I will be yelling and giving the evil eye all week….neither will faze the children. Both N’diaye & I will be a lot greyer upon our return home. They were already at the house waiting for us. My babies barely had time to allow the driver to stop the car. They were bouncing with excitement at seeing Jibril and Noe. And that was the beginning of a never to be forgotten visit to London, England.

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  1. Marie D\'A says:

    Ahh, Customs…I know it\’s quite annoying and time consuming but, in these times, especially with all the closing of the U.S.Embassies, it\’s always better to be safer. But, it\’s amazing that they asked you countless questions and for papers??? I know you and Chris, very well and I\’m sure you had every document and then some, that you needed as proof.
    Ahhhhh cooler weather, nice!
    So, how was that drive for 2 hours in England, on the opposite side of the road?? That\’s a nice way to see the country, though. I\’m glad the children slept most of the way.
    Yelling and giving the evil eye, that\’s too funny. When I was little my dad gave us a look and believe you me, whatever you were doing, you stopped…it was \”THAT\” look…I can still see it!
    I\’m so excited for Chris, you and the children, enjoy and have a lot of fun.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to London, England. As I wrote earlier, most all of my ancestors came from England. In checking my heritage, I was deeply disturbed that I did not have a relative linking me to the royal family. Ha! Ha!
    My \”everywhere\” to travel from about age 6 too, was to go to Egypt. I got there, 3 times, and wrote my thesis on same. My dear friends, our dreams do come true but sometimes they just take a little time for us to achieve them……even if it means we are doing it with our children.
    Miss you all……..Carol

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