Man of War, Jellyfish………….Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!!!

Remember the Jellyfish in Nemo!

We were all having a wonderful afternoon at Waimanalo Beach. Christopher was relaxing on his beach chair talking to some folks. Alex was playing in the sand with a friend. Jordan was having the time of his life body surfing. I was taking pictures of my Baby Boy.  He was just riding the waves like an expert… All of a sudden….

I felt a sharp pain around my left ankle. I cried out. I grabbed my ankle and I removed what looked like a blue bracelet. I threw it back in the ocean. I quickly got out of the ocean. I ran to Christopher. My ankle was still stinging & throbbing. It brought me to my knees. I was still screaming. Being that I was such a scary individual, Christopher did not take me seriously. I was scared of my own shadow. My children took pleasure in yelling “Boo” all the time so that I could jump with fright. This time I had a legitimate reason for screaming. The couple standing and talking with Christopher said that I was probably bitten by MAN OF WAR jellyfish. Seriously!!! The wife knew because her husband was bitten a few days prior. Now Christopher believed me! I now had a ring mark around my ankle. I came all the way  to Honolulu, Hawaii to get bitten by a JELLYFISH. That jellyfish couldn’t find anyone else to bite!!!! Well…….he did!

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Deadly Beauty: Portuguese Man-of-War | National Geographic

I couldn’t believe it. How did you treat a jellyfish sting? While I was crying a bit, Jordan came over to see what was all of the commotion. I told him I got bitten by a jellyfish. Guess what he said! “Oh maybe that’s what happened to me.” He pulled up his shirt. OH MY GOD!!!! The boy’s belly and chest area were completely covered with welps, blotches and scratches. He never said a word until that moment. He was not crying or anything. Jellyfish tore him up while he was body surfing. He did not even took noticed. At some point, I remembered him asking me for his swim shirt. He said when he was on his stomach in the water, he felt sharp stings. He had no clue that the stings came from the MAN OF WAR jellyfish.

Guess how you treat jellyfish stings?


Waimanalo Beach Park, Oahu –

Pictures to come:

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