Media Problem…..

I am a bit annoyed with my laptop at the moment. It will not allow me to upload the picture anymore and I can’t seem to figure out the problem. Now I am really missing our friend David Lluberes. He would know exactly what ails the laptop and fix it.

Please hang in there……..

0 thoughts on “Media Problem…..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, we are anxious to see more pictures, but don\’t let this ruin your trip. Please keep writing…I\’ll just have to come over to hear about the trip and view ALL the pictures myself!

  2. Carol P. says:

    Happy to hear from you. Just load in what you have been doing so we all can read that and when everything is fixed we can go back in an see the pictures I am sure the web page will still up for quite some time so relax about it and just enjoy the balance of your trip. Best to you all…..Carol

  3. Marie D\'A says:

    I agree with Carol…don\’t worry…don\’t let it ruin your trip…it\’s fine.
    Francesse, you\’ve worked so hard on your travel blog, you don\’t owe any explanation. We love just reading all your entries! Carol has a wonderful idea, we\’ll have to come over and hear all about your trip and see all your pictures. I\’ll bring the goodies!
    Enjoy every second, make many memories. My love to you, Chris and the children. Be safe.

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