Pigeons, Pigeons Everywhere……..

It seems no matter where we travel, my children will find pigeons. Why go see sights when you can just go to the nearby park to play with pigeons for hours? When I say it’s time to go,  Jordan reacts in total disbelief.

On Sunday, we intended to do a bus tour of Barcelona. We changed that plan to Tuesday instead. Monday was reserved for the beach.  We just could not get out of the apartment before 2 p.m. It became a more relaxing and fun afternoon. We took the metro to see what we could see.

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0 thoughts on “Pigeons, Pigeons Everywhere……..

  1. Jeanine says:

    Of course you have coordinating outfits for every day of the week! You think of everything!! The kids look so happy!! It\’s the simple things, right. What fun!

  2. Marie D\'A says:

    My favorite little Chapman\’s & the pigeons, are having a great time!
    Pigeons, pigeons everywhere, wow, there are so many of them.
    The park looks lovely and a that\’s a very beautiful fountain.
    Love the pictures with Jordan putting his arm around Alex. He\’s a very good BIG Brother.
    Keep smiling, having fun and making memories.
    Be safe. God Bless.

  3. Carol P. says:

    Obviously clothes are all in order…….you all match! Ok lets talk pigeons. All the way to Barcelona to see those pigeons? Less expensive to see those nasty birds in New York City. True, we don\’t have that many all in one place, The children must have gone nuts! Enjoy!…..Love….Carol

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