Placa de Catalunya

We did not just play with the pigeons for the entire afternoon (Sunday).We also visited Placa de Catalunya. We walked all over. We stopped often for the children to play to keep them distracted. They did not get a chance to notice just how far we walked, before taking the metro back. Plaça de Catalunya is a large square in central Barcelona that is generally considered to be both its city centre and the place where the old city and the 19th century-built Eixample meet.

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0 thoughts on “Placa de Catalunya

  1. Marie D\'A says:

    Beautiful scenery. The subway is sooo clean!
    \”Children in the candy shop\”…I enlarged it and checked out all that awesome candy…very yummy…my favorite little Chapman\’s were having a ball! That is such a happy picture. LOVE IT!!
    Big brother Jordan hugging Alex in the train, that is precious and priceless.
    Where\’s Chris???
    My love to all. Be safe and God Bless!!

  2. Carol P. says:

    City center looks beautiful. Children looking ever so happy. Subway certainly looks much better than NYC and probably safer too! Think you lost some weight but your looking good in spite of your lack of sleep, etc.
    Keep on trucking! Love to you all…..Carol

  3. Carol P. says:

    Today is August 1 back here in New Jersey. I have had the pleasure of meeting this family at gymnastics where I take my twin grandchildren. We struck up a friendship that I will always value.
    I have been late in posting remarks due to surgery that I had to have but I think I am now caught up.
    I owned my own travel agency for 30years. If I still had it open, I would hire Francesse in a minute. What went into all this planning down to the smallest detail requires more research and work than most people can imagine.
    At no time, did she ask for my advice…..which I would have gladly given… but told me each thing that she was doing. From a professional standpoint, I am anxious to hear the details on the hotels she chose, etc and if there is anything she would do differently (which I doubt).
    This is one super fantastic family. I am blessed to know them!
    My best to all her followers on this blog from their friend Carol

    • Oh Carol,
      Thank you so much!
      I miss you also.
      This trip has definitely been a great adventure. The three children are having the time of their lives. Christopher and I are truly blessed to share this marvelous experience that is EUROPE with them. And yes, you are definitely caught up. You are an awesome lady. I can\’t wait to give you all of the details on our dwellings…so far, good fortune.
      P.S., Alexandra asks often, \”When are we going to gymnastics? Are DeeDee and Rachel going to be there?\” She\’s thinking about the girls.
      We will be back at gymnastics in September.

    • Marie D\'A says:

      To My Friend Carol,
      I hope to meet you one day at the Chapman\’s. I agree with you, Francesse, Chris, Jordan and Alexandra are a SUPER FANTASTIC FAMILY! The love, caring, kindness, understanding and nurturing (and I could keep going here…) is very abundant and so easy to see! I want them to adopt me! I love the never ending patience of Francesse and Chris. I work with Chris. I hear him on the phone with his babies before they go to school. They all melt my heart, to hear the love that flows from their lips, it\’s absolutely beautiful. I have a lot of Chris\’ sayings hanging on my desk, wall and computer. I miss him, I moved his picture on my side of the office…I also moved a couple of his i.d. tags to my wall. It\’s probably silly but, it is soothing. He\’s a spectacular boss to work with and work for. I always tell him I\’ve learned more from working with him, than I could ever learn in any Ivy League School…there are many things you can never learn in school and that is to include \”The Wisdom of Chris\”…
      I miss you, guys… but, LOVE you more!!

      Carol, please take care of yourself. Take all the time you need to rest, relax and recuperate. And enjoy this great blog Francesse has created. I wish you a blessed, peaceful and spectacular day! God Bless You Always.

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