Everywhere just about in every shop in Rome, there is a “Saldi” sign. Of course I’m interested because I want to buy. The first thing I needed to buy was a brush for my make up. Understand that I completely over packed as usual. Yet, I  managed to forget the essential brush to help create my divine look…… So this morning, Janel and I were very excited to spot a Sephora store without looking for one. Well, guess what?……the simple brush cost 28.30 Euros which is $37.23. That was one of the cheaper brushes. Do you hear me? That was the sale! I couldn’t believe it.  No, I did not buy the brush. I was outraged. Have they heard of Walmart or Target? With all of that said, ask me again in a few days how long I intend to go without that brush.

IMG_2682IMG_2680  IMG_2681IMG_2683

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  1. Gui-Gui:) says:

    Girl do you know how many brushes you can get at target for $37.23? Of course you do! I hope you find one at a reasonable price. Good Luck;)

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