Sandy Beach Park……Beautiful, Powerful and Dangerous

Jordan wanted to go to the beach every single day. It did not matter what beach. The bigger the waves the happier he was. So usually after a half touring, we would appease him and head for the beach. Why Not!!! Today we packed our gear, surfboards & with our trusted Mapquest, we headed for Sandy Beach Park. During our day tour around Honolulu, we heard about Sandy Beach Park. The waves were too die for…….literally. The beach is known as “the beach of broken necks”. Jordan was so excited about being there. He was very impatient to get there. We took the scenic route so we could take some pictures. Jordan was not happy. He just wanted to get the beach. Alex was going with the flow. She was following behind her brother. We got to Sandy Beach. Yes, it was plain to see, the waves were incredibly powerful.

Sandy Beach Park, Oahu –

Sandy Beach was incredible. It was absolutely breathtaking.The most beautiful sandy bottom beach on the Southeast side of Oahu. It looks peaceful and serene here, but those who knew Sandy Beach say beware.

Christopher unloaded the car. I walked with the children a bit to located a good spot to put our things down.  While he went to find parking. Jordan already had shoes off, surfboard in hand edging towards the beach. I told him absolutely not. We had to wait for his Dad. I was looking at the waves slamming hard each time and was no longer feeling very confident about the children being at this particular beach. My fears were confirmed a couple minutes later. One of the lifeguards came over to talk to us. He said that was his usual speech he gave to all newcomers especially those with young children. Under no circumstance should we be at Sandy Beach Park.

The waves were extremely dangerous even to professionals. Many severe injuries (broken backs, necks, legs) occurred because the waves were too powerful. It would be better for us to take the children 10 mins down the road to Waimanalo Beach. Christopher came back from parking the car and got the same speech. He agreed we should leave. Well, Jordan who believed himself to be an expert surf boarder started to cry. Mind you, he’d only been on a surfboard this vacation. When in the world did he master SURFING? He had a crying fit, along with a serious tantrum. He said that he was not interested in going to a beach with “Baby Waves”. … Right!!! I understand he was disappointed. However, their safety came first. Disappointments were part of life. He cried and pouted for the next 40 mins. I didn’t get upset with him because I wanted to be at Sandy Beach as well. My President spent a lot of time on that beach I’m told. That was President Obama’s beach whenever he could get there. Oh well, at least, we were there. We stepped in the ocean briefly.

Pictures to come:

Waikiki Beach

Jordan had two desires for Hawaii. He wanted to come face to face with an active Volcano Hawaii Volcanoes | and he had to be at the Beach every single day. Well, we didn’t make the beach everyday, but just about. In Hawaii, Waikiki Beach is not only the most famous beach, but also one of the most recognized Oahu beaches and spots in the world.  I did not  know that Waikiki actually had 8 different sections. We were staying in a condo literally one block away. So our first visit on the island was Waikiki Beach per Jordan’s request.

Waikiki Beach – All 8 Sections of Waikiki Beach – Best of Oahu


Pictures to come…….

Kailua-Kona……Fantastic Island

Kailua-Kona was a great island to visit. There was plenty to see and explore. Some days we drove to our destinations and other times, we walked. There was always some new thing to discover. The views were amazing. The children had plenty of open space to run around. They loved that. They will not soon forget their stay in Kailua-Kona.

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