Next Destination: OAHU Haiwaii

Our next stop was the Island of O’ahu.

Oahu – Aloha Hawaii

Our first impression of Oahu: After Christopher picked up our rental car, we were on the road to our new condo. First impression was the congestion, TRAFFIC. It was apparently rush hour at 4:30 pm. I felt as if I was back home on the Parkway heading down the shore. It was bumper to bumper. I knew the island of Oahu had way more to offer than just traffic. However, after leaving such a peaceful Big Island, it was hard to suddenly jump into this new scene. I had ideas of what the capital was going to be like.

  1. Oahu is an island in the mid-Pacific, part of the Hawaiian island chain and home to the state capital, Honolulu. Highlights of the city include historic Chinatown; the Punchbowl, a crater-turned-cemetery; and Waikiki, the iconic beach, dining and nightlife area. West of Honolulu is Pearl Harbor, site of the 1941 bombing attack and home to the USS Arizona Memorial.

    Our condo was on the 11th Fl of a huge complex located smack in the middle of Waikiki. It was very secure. We had a parking spot on the 2nd fl. It was very easy to load our luggage in the elevators because there was a loading zone. Being on the 11th was not an issue at all. The condo was very spacious with a huge balcony over looking the city. We didn’t take time to explore because everyone was starving. Last meal was breakfast.

    We could walk to a lot place, but having a car simplified our lives. Waikiki beach was two blocks away. We were in the center of everything. We couldn’t wait to explore. However, the best excitement of Oahu for today came when we went to dinner. Christopher asked friendly passerby for best places to eat with children. We were heading once again for french fries and pizza. A few feet from our condo was a Korean Restaurant. And there you have! Jordan said he wanted to eat there. I was not convinced that he’d actually eat anything. Well, I was wrong……he ate and ate well. I shouldn’t have had any doubts because his Dad cooked Korean food on a regular. But lately, he’s been particularly picky about what he would and would not eat. Since the beginning of this vacation, that was the first time we all enjoyed a wonderful meal together as a family. That was a fabulous beginning to our Oahu vacation. This night, we were in bed by 9 pm. I fell asleep before everyone else. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

    Pictures to come………