Barcelona, Here We Come…….

On Saturday at 8 a.m., we had to be at the airport. Our flight was due to take off at 10 a.m. So long, Rome, Italy….until next time. It was only a two-hour flight. I would not get a chance to sleep. I needed to sleep so badly, since I hadn’t closed my eyes until 3 a.m. What in the world do I do, you wonder? I don’t know. But honestly, there is always something for me to do. I have to do it while the children are sleeping. While they are awake, we’re doing some sort of activity. There’s just not enough time in the day.


Children and I dozed off and on. It’s a given that Christopher is going to sleep on the airplane. This morning, we all followed suit. I think I noticed that Janel was reading a book. Unsure if she slept at all.

We landed in Barcelona, Spain. The rest of the day was work for me. Vacation or not, laundry was waiting for me. Once we got to the apartment, I quickly started doing laundry. So far, I’ve noticed that most people put clothes to dry outside on a line. I so dislike doing that. You literally have to wait for hours to dry one load. Who has that kind of time? Days later, more dirty clothes–things we take for granted.  Thank goodness at least for a washing machine. I unpacked and did laundry.

We went out for late lunch. We had to see a bit of the neighborhood. Jordan, you guessed it, had his usual pizza. We had to go grocery shopping because the supermarket would not be open on Sunday. Once we returned, we stayed in for the night.  Christopher made the most spectacular dinner…….. I wish you could have had a taste. It was sooooo good.

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