PIZZA Disaster…….Really!

What a day!!!!! Our first official day in Rome! We landed on Sunday morning.



By the time we arrived in our apartment, everyone was past exhausted. Remember Janel and I never went to sleep. Christopher barely slept for 2 hours. The flight was less than two hours. The lack of sleep and jet lag from before made us feel blahhhhh…..  We couldn’t really appreciate anything about Rome at that time. A good shower and dreamland were priority. Once again, Alex had to be carried inside. She was fast asleep. Well, Jordan was in and out slumber. He needed to be carried also.


Of course as soon as Christopher laid him down, he was wide awake…..ready for action. No time to waste……They went food shopping. Alex and I had to sleep. Eventually  all of us had a good rest. We are conveniently located near restaurants, shops, lots of pizza for Jordan and plenty of ice cream for me…lol. WELL, someone needs to eat all of that good ice cream. It may as well be me!!!!! Don’t laugh!!!!!  8 p. m., we went out to dinner and to take a closer look at this fabulous city called Rome. We just walked a few blocks. Alexandra had to be carried. She knows her father will never say no. Dinner was great for most of us, except Jordan. Alex will try different things, but not Jordan. We are in Italy….right? Pizza and pasta are without a doubt the best on earth. GUESS AGAIN!!! Jordan wanted pizza. We ordered pizza for the boy. Pizza came, child took one look, and said, “I don’t want that pizza!” “Where’s the cheese?” “Why does it look like that?” Why does it smell like that?” “YACK!!!” We’re trying to keep him calm. He was getting very agitated. He was hungry and was looking forward to eating the best pizza. He’s been told by others and us that Italy would give him the best. Jordan was expecting his favorite pizza from Calabria (Cranford, NJ). The look, shape, and taste were too drastically different for him. He was upset. He did not want anything else to eat. He suggested that we go to Calabria to get him pizza and the rest of us could eat at the restaurant.  We had to order two other pizzas. He still was not happy, but he could tolerate the third. Why 3 pizzas? Because that restaurant did not serve slices. How dare we even ask such a question?  We were all happy to have dinner behind us and move elsewhere for dessert. You know children……..   Once we stepped outside, everything was forgotten. They moved on to bigger and better things.


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My children were awake until 4 a.m. (France time) on Saturday. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Because I was too exhausted to fight or argue. Their routine is completely broken. Jordan and Alex are usually in bed by 7:45 p.m. (New Jersey time). Their bodies have yet to adjust to this new time zone. On top of everything else, they were so wired and excited that they simply refused to sleep for more than four hours at a time. So Friday, they returned from the park around 5 p.m. Alex was already fast asleep on Daddy’s shoulders; Jordan fell asleep minutes later. I wanted to cry because I knew that could only mean bad news for me. I had to wake them up by 9 p.m. We had dinner plans with some friends. I don’t know why French people eat so late. Once the children woke up, it was party time.  I knew they were going to be up all night. You knew it, too. So that meant they slept until 3 p.m Saturday. Good thing: I was able to get most of my packing done. While I continued packing and Janel did her summer work, Christopher took the children out to play. Needless to say leaving children with Christopher, possibilities for fun are endless. There’s no telling what will happen………

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