Catamaran TradeWind Sailing Cruise

Catamaran TradeWind Sailing Trip was so much fun. The crew was very friendly and you had great service! They kept you laughing. You knew you were in for a good time.¬†While we waited for the people to load up, Jordan and Alex played in the ocean. They absolutely loved that. We had to be barefoot to board right on Waikiki Beach behind the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. What more could the children asked for! You were told to sit in the front if you wanted to get wet. Well….., I went closer to the back, leaving Christopher and his beautiful children to enjoy being splashed at every dip and turn. They absolutely got soaked. Again, they were the happiest. The were squealing with laughter. The cruise, itself for Jordan and Alex, was nowhere near as exciting as the idea of the unexpected baths from the ocean.

The excursion only lasted 90 minutes. You know me, that was more than enough time to make friends…lol. I love meeting new people. We are all connected. It’s a pleasure to meet fascinating folks all over the world. You were sailing along the Waikiki coast. It was a very relaxing and sweet sail with gorgeous views of the ocean. The tropical breezes, the serenity of Hawaii’s deep blue waters and the warm Hawaiian sun just made you feel so good. You wanted the sail to go on forever.

Maita’i Sailings : Maita’i Catamaran, A Unique Experience

At some point, Jordan and Alex were allowed to steer the cruise. Alex couldn’t even reached the wheel. That didn’t stop her from trying. They were all smiles.

An unforgettable island memory!!!!!

Pictures to come……..