River Thames Cruise…….


Cruising all over London on Sunday was so much fun. We did the Hop on Hop off cruise tour.  N’diaye is very familiar with London. Once again, we appreciated having the London Pass. We did not stand in line. Those lines can take over an hour to buy your ticket. Our children do not do well in long lines.

We had a lot to see this day. We started around 10 a.m. The children were wide usually by 6:30 a.m. As if they had a job to get to on time. They just want to have fun and play. They went to sleep thinking about playing. It was the first thing on their mind in the early morning. It was no different on the cruise. Lucky for us, it was not crowded. They were able to roam and play easily. For this day, we visited the London Eye, Big Ben, and London Bridge. They were all in proximity of each other. London Bridge is massive and impressive. We also got to see the Prudential RideLondon. The children thought that was super along with walking in the middle of a major streets in London. They had certain streets blocked off to accommodate the race. That was the coolest thing ever…..right up there with the guards.

This day was also N’diaye’s Birthday. So you know she had to have a cake or two. Why two? Christopher’s children dictated of course. Jordan only eats vanilla & Alex is partial to chocolate. Et Voila!!! Christopher will go out of his way to make his children are happy. If it means he has to buy two cakes. Guess what, he will!  We had more than enough people to have our own private party. We were tired, but children think a birthday is not a real birthday without cake. So party on…..

See pictures below:

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