Tour Day…

Very Casual Day!!!!!

On Tuesday, we took a Barcelona Tour Bus. The tour was about 2 hours long. We intended to hop on & off to see one to two sights. You guessed it! Both children fell asleep minutes after getting on the bus. Janel even dozed off. The sun was extremely hot and they played before we got on the tour bus.  Christopher and I enjoyed the tour immensely. We listened to the audio. We admired different scenic attractions. It was great. Rarely do we get an opportunity to just talk to one another with no interruptions. We wanted to get out and explore, but that was not possible with two sleeping children.

We got off the bus, ready to head home. Thankfully, my wonderful children woke up full of energy. By 7 p.m, they were ready to eat, play, and see things. So we made an adventure out of the evening. We went to a beautiful mall nearby. We shopped a little. By the way, I finally broke down and bought a make up brush from Flormar for 6.95€.  It was still a bit expensive for my taste, but a far cry from 28.99€.  Children wanted to buy everything. I have one line: “We can’t buy anything because it will not fit in our luggage.” I did not say that “the line” stopped them from asking… We had dinner (pizza for children). Then we had a whole mess of ‘gelats,’ which is Catalan for ice cream. Delicious! There was a contest. Christopher is always coming up with things. Everybody had to describe the flavor and taste of their ice cream to the rest of us. Jordan only likes vanilla. Alex only likes chocolate. Janel will eat anything with chocolate in it.  Then we had the taste test to see whose ice cream was the best. Mine, of course! I’m doing the writing!!! We had the best evening.

Pictures to come:

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  1. Marie D\'A says:

    Ice Cream!!! Yummy!!! What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    That sounds like Chris, coming up with a contest. Fairly similar to what he does with his classes at KBCC, always coming up with an interesting idea, and you\’re learning and not even aware of you are.
    Food, family, love, fun and sharing time together, they all go hand and hand.
    I\’m glad Chris and you enjoyed the tour.
    I\’m glad you got your make up brush. Francesse, it\’s the simple things, like a make up brush, that bring a smile to you.

  2. Carol P. says:

    Excitement over a make up brush? Oh YES!! This woman can\’t wait to get some makeup on her old face! Not allowed as yet with the cataract surgery.Wearing glasses with right lens out. The children would laugh their socks off when looking at me. Reading all this is not easy but for Francesse and family it is well worth it. Anxious to hear about London. Love to all….Carol

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