Very Happy Janel……


Last night Janel and I had a talk. I already knew her problems (the children).  She had to understand for this vacation, that the children and her were a package deal. She had to play the part of a big sister and not an added headache. However, I do understand her very well. What young person does not want things their way, always?  I often ask for her input. For every country, I’ve asked her for one or two particular sights she would like to see and what she would like to do. She does not always have an opinion. Also the sights, that I’ve picked are often popular for children, teenagers and adults alike. if it were up to her, we would sight see evenings and nights. Then she would sleep during the day. No way!!! That schedule does not work for younger children. She has to unfortunately go with the flow. Every so often Christopher and I will do something  just for her. That ‘s not always easy to do. That usually meant that I would be missing out. That was okay with me. I wanted her to have the best experience.  I don’t doubt that she will come back on her own to these countries. The problem being a teenager (where it is all about ME), the moment is forgotten just as quickly and she is ready to be catered to once again. We can’t possibly just accommodate Janel. You know that would not work.

Originally, we were planning to take the children to the London Zoo  today. After my talk with her last night, N’diaye and I decided to make today about her. I was not able to tell her the plans last night before she fell asleep. She went to bed very early in a funky mood. This morning once I heard her moving in the room, I gave her the news. TODAY WAS ALL ABOUT JANEL. Yes, I know she was behaving like a brat yesterday, but come on…..we’ve all been there as teenagers wanting everything to be about us. She is no different. I always wanted my way. (I did not get my way, but that did not stop me from wanting it). I told her she was going out all day today with N’diaye, Halimah and Hadja on a shopping spree. Her eyes lit up and her body tense wanting to hear more. The ladies were going to cater to her. The children were staying home. This was her time. She asked, “What about you?” I replied, “What about me?” I needed to stay home with both N’diaye’s and  my children in order to give her the day. Christopher and I stayed home with the children. I kid you not….instantly her mood changed. She was all smiles. She moved with purpose. She had energy. My teenager was no longer feeling the affect of a bad cold. Imagine that!!!  She had breakfast. She got dressed quickly. Her strides had flair.  They took a bunch of smiling pictures before leaving. I guarantee you, she will not remember today come tomorrow. You see, in order to make the day about her, I don’t get a chance to window shop. I don’t get to admired all of the things that I can’t afford. Of course, I wanted to go as well. Christopher, blessed his soft heart, insisted that I go also. But I declined. I did not think it was fair to leave him our four children. He would gladly do it. He and I are a team. We do it all together or we don’t do it all.

Around 1:30 pm, we took children to a nearby park with lots of snacks for about two hours. On the way to the park, Noe stepped on a huge pile of dog poop. YUK!!!!!! We were walking and then all of a sudden the smell came out of nowhere. Jibril noticed the poop first. It was not funny at the time. I started to clean his shoe, but then realized it was all over his socks. I always carry baby wipes with me. I would have done it, but you know my loving husband stepped in and patiently cleaned the poop. 25 minutes later, socks in the garbage (had to keep the shoes….lol), we continue our walk to the park. It was just what the doctor ordered…..two hours of complete freeplay. Christopher (the big kid that he is) joined in the fun.

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  1. Marie D\'A says:

    Francesse, you are a beautiful, understanding and very compassionate Momma. I think that was very thoughtful and so giving of you, to make and have a \”Janel Day\” !!! All of us women, like to be catered to…it makes you feel so special! She was very thoughtful too, when she asked what about you.
    It\’s very nice of Chris and you, to also include her thoughts, in the sightseeing ideas.

    TEAM CHAPMAN!!! You and Chris are an awesome team. You are my inspiration. I admire you both, always.

    Poor Noe, stepping in poop…awww…poor baby. Hey, look at that it\’s the same all over the world, why can\’t people pick up after their dogs??? God Bless Chris, he\’s so good.

    How great, that after all those unfortunate but, now funny events, you all enjoyed some free time playing and just having fun!

    You guys are spectacular, so patient, caring, loving and kind! Love you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think of my daughter traveling with her 17yr old and the 13yr old twins…..all girls as you know…..showers/hair/what to wear…..the usual but they do get up and out and seem to always enjoy the trips that have been planned. Times some of us have to stay behind. Me for that fish tank and of course,for Buddy the rabbit. Yes, I have stepped in rabbit poop as I let him free range in the kitchen. No shoes. I walk around bare footed. YUK!
    I am sure you and Christopher enjoyed just being together with the kids and having a \”slower\”day. Keep on trucking. Your not home yet! Love to all….Carol

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