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I can’t begin to tell you how many (thousands) romance novels I read from age 14 on. Most took place in England in some remote castle with Lord so and so and King whoever. I could not possibly go to London without seeing Windsor Castle. The very first adventure on our to do list was Windsor Castle. It was definitely worth seeing. I fell in love with Lord so and so all over again. My favorite romance novel of all time is The Hawk and The Dove. I imagined myself  in Queen Elizabeth’s court.

“The Dove…
She’d been bought for a strip of land, then abandoned: a bartered bride, married by proxy, determined to wreak revenge.  As innocent Sara Bishop she’d paid dearly for freedom from her cruel, mocking  .  As flame-haired, jade-eyed Sabre Wilde, she would scandalize Queen Elizabeth’s court as she set out to seduce her unknown husband, become his mistress–and make him her slave.

The Hawk…
The Queen’s favorite, called The Sea God, his white teeth flashed in his bronze face as his deep, virile voice boomed orders to his men. He branded Sabre with his searing kiss and his masterful touch, not even aware she was already his wife. Captain Shane Hawkhurst knew how to command, how to subdue and ravage an enemy, but was he prepared to be caught in passion’s merciless snare by a fiery beauty who ruled his heart and inflamed his senses?”

The castle was magnificent. It was enormous. Of course, thoughts like, “Why does one Queen need to have so much land?” “What does it take to upkeep such a castle?” “Is the gold all around the castle real?” “Can the Queen claim me as a long lost relative?” I could not decide which room was my favorite. I don’t care for England’s weather, but I would come back just to visit Windsor Castle again. By the way, as you walked from room to room or pretty much anywhere around the castle, it was very silent. People are not even whispering. Now you know the Queen is not there. Why the silent treatment? Ohh, you were also not allowed  to take pictures inside the castle. Remember, they did not want me to take pictures during custom. I’d say they have issues with wanting & needing a certain amount of privacy. Ahh, The British! You just have to take my word for it.  WINDSOR CASTLE IS BREATHTAKING!

Good day with the children: They had their usually whines & fits throughout the day, nothing that we couldn’t handle. All four children had endless energy even when they were exhausted. They’d prefer to aggravate you rather than admit that they were tired. They did a lot of walking. We had one stroller that we alternated between the two younger children. Most of the time it worked well that one wanted to walk and the other wanted to sleep (briefly).

N’diaye and I are both early risers. All of a sudden being with her, we are all on morning schedule. We left the house by 10:30 am. Children loved the train, underground subway and bus. Back in the US, I purchased the London Pass and Travel Card to keep us from having to stand in those long lines. So worth it…… We had easy access to everything.  Children were not excited about the castle, but they so loved the guards. I was looking forward to the trip to Buckingham Palace. Their sheer joy of seeing the guards will be infectious.

See pictures below:

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  1. Marie D\'A says:

    Windsor Castle is on my Bucket List…
    I love everything about the Queen and her family. There\’s something magical about it. I still love Princess Diana, and how she started the change in the Royals. The way she was more open to places and things the OLD Royals would never venture out to do, visit or help. In her short life, she made a lasting impression on her boys. This is quite evident, casing point, the birth of Prince William and Kate\’s new baby…
    I am willing to bet, the underground subway is absolutely gorgeous and clean! (just like NY\’s subways…)
    Please keep the wonderful stories coming. I love the way you write, I feel like I\’m right there with you, all.
    Have the time of your lives!!

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